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Host a Screening

The How to Boil a Frog DVD is available for home and community screenings.

Choose one of the options below depending upon the type of screening you'd like to organize. We'll send you the DVD and a link to list your screening on our Find a Screening.

Contact us for any help you might need: or 800-475-2638.

Home Screening

PRICE: $49
Bring the Conversation Home. Host an intimate home screening to help inspire meaningful discussion and action among your friends and family.

Community Screening (single screening)

PRICE: $245
Engage Your Community with a screening at your local library, theater, community center, schools, religious institutions, with permission to charge admission.

Joint Fundraising Screening

Work together with us in partnership to raise money for your local programs and for our engagement campaigns. We waive the licensing fee, work together to support and enable you to throw the most successful fundraiser, and then we split the proceeds 50/50. Email our Community Engagement Director Margaret Poindexter at to find out more.

If you have other ideas or wish to hold multiple screenings, please inquire with us -- 1-800-4-PLANET.