Alexandra Lescaze

Co-Production: Independent Television
Service (ITVS)

53 Min. DVD
Closed Captioned

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ALL OF ME shines a fresh light on the causes, challenges, and intense psychological struggles surrounding obesity in our society, as well as our attitudes and prejudices towards the obese.

Age of Aluminum

Through personal stories, three severely obese women who have been friends for years share their all too common struggles with diets and pills to lose weight. And their decision to choose gastric band or gastric surgery as a last resort.

With searing honesty, the women take us through their struggles before and after surgery, including a host of issues and consequences, some they expected, some they feared, and some they could have never imagined.

They have varied post-op experiences, but one reality is true for all of them -- the surgery means the loss of their primary coping strategy (eating). And trying to shed hundreds of pounds changes everything in their lives -- their health, their self-images,t heir marriages,and even their friendships.

These women's stories represent the more than 200,000 Americans a year who choose weight-loss surgery, 80% of them women, as well as millions of Americans who struggle with obesity and weight loss.

All of Me provides a unique and thoughtful look at a community of people that is often vilified, the butt of jokes, or quite simply ignored in our society, and encourages viewers to examine their own prejudices and complicated relations with food, fat, and their bodies.

Broadcast on PBS Independent Lens

"Outstandingly potent. This coolly penetrating film honors women who address the reality of their lives with ferocious eloquence."
-Wall Street Journal

"Its examination of obesity is serious, intimate and not at all sensationalistic."

- New York Times

"Our Support Group really enjoyed the film and we had an excellent discussion. Professionally, and personally, I want to say thank you for helping the cause of understanding the impact of obesity, and the humanity of those of us who are trying to survive it."
- Jane Reese, RN, MBA, CBN, Bariatric Program Coordinator, Christus Weight Loss Institute

"ALL OF ME is a powerful, poignant, and gripping documentary that takes viewers inside the everyday lives and struggles of large women in the United States today. ALL OF ME provides an often missing and much needed perspective on the subject as we learn about obesity from women who are actually living it. A must-see film, ALL OF ME debunks commonly held, superficial stereotypes about obesity and obese individuals."

-Abigail Brooks, PhD., Director of Women's Studies, Providence College


Audience Award
Austin Film Festival

World Premier
Los Angeles Film Festival

Official Selection
Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival

Official Selection
Calgary International Film Festival